What to Expect at Advanced Spine Care and Wellness

Before the Appointment

Please go to the Patient Forms page before your appoinment, if you don’t have time or don’t have computer access with a printer, the forms are available at the time of your visit. Completing the forms in advance saves time for both the doctor and you and saves you money by giving a discount on the first visit.

Call or text (920) 889-2083 to schedule an appointment or schedule online using schedulicity where you will create a login ID and password. Once you have a login ID you can move, change, and cancel appointments at your convenience up to 12 hours before your appointment. Less than 12 hours before your appointment, you will have to call to reschedule. We have an office in both Plymouth and Sheboygan open on alternate days, so select the office that works best for your schedule.

If you have current medications be sure to mention them and note them on your paperwork. Also be sure to bring any current imaging for your condition like X-rays or MRI studies.

MOST (80%) patients do NOT REQUIRE X-Rays prior to treatment.

Take special notice of what makes your pain better and worse. Also note specifically how the pain has changed since the condition has started up to the present. These may all be helpful clues to your recovery.

During the Appointment

Quality Takes Time. Taking generous amounts of time with patients in order to solve their problems is what separates us from our competition. Time to listen and learn from the patient. Time to examine them thoroughly, and touch the patient. Time to reassure and reassess the patient’s progress and needs as they get better and start their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

First Visit

Once you arrive wait for your doctor to greet you personally and review your paperwork immediately. You will not be ushered into a corner exam room to sit for 20 minutes in a backless robe.

You will have your history taken by your doctor and review any medications or supplements you are currently taking with him. You will review previous treatments and approaches with your doctor so you aren’t doing the same treatment over and over to no effect.

Next you will have a Physical Exam that includes a Review of Systems, which is a general look at your health as a whole person (pulse, blood pressure, breathing, etc.) then a more focused exam of your problem area(s). The neck, mid and low back can have problems with the associated joints, muscles, tendons and disks of each area; possibly a combination of causes. Some of these areas respond best to chiropractic adjustments. Some do not. So the treatment approach will be different for each root cause of your problem. Experts think that almost half (42-44%) of back pain is caused by disc pain. There is no better manual examination for disc pain diagnosis than using the McKenzie Method.

McKenzie Exam

One way of explaining the McKenzie Method would be to say what it is not. McKenzie is NOT EXTENSION. Many educated medical professionals who are not well trained in this specific area are under this misconception. They are misinformed to say that McKenzie is extension. The McKenzie Method uses a multi-directional strategy to find a repeated movement pattern that causes back or any joint pain to centralize and/or abate (go away). Patients with back pain that responds to McKenzie therapy are called McKenzie Responders, while those who do not are McKenzie Non-Responders. McKenzie Responders in the hands of a well-trained, McKenzie Practitioner, are very likely (>85%) likely to resolve their back pain in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months.

Please tell the doctor if your condition is a Worker’s Compensation Case or a Motor Vehicle Accident claim on the first visit. These situations may require more documentation (paperwork).


Advanced Spine Care & Wellness does not routinely process insurance, except as noted below; we are a cash based practice which keeps our overhead, and thus, our prices low. We will provide you with your records so you may submit them to insurance if you chose to do so. Worker’s Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents are exceptions where we submit those claims to insurance.


Cash, Check, Credit Card.  If you credit car or debit card, add $1.50 service fee per $35.00 to pay for the cost to process the transaction.

After the appointment

Expect a Follow-up Phone Call from your treating chiropractor.

Your doctor cares about your well-being and you returning to optimal health. He will call to see if you have any concerns or questions or note any changes in your condition since your first appointment.
Possible muscle soreness in the areas treated.

Perform your prescribed exercises

Prescribed exercises are your body’s natural “medicine”. If you don’t do them as described as often as prescribed you will NOT GET BETTER! Should you have new questions about your exercises call or text the doctor or wait until your next visit to ask your questions.

Forever and Ever, Amen?

Does everyone need to have ongoing treatment forever and ever, without end? The simple answer is “NO” not if you don’t want to or if the doctor hasn’t explained why that would be needed. There is well documented MEDICAL literature to support the effectiveness of maintenance care in patients with chronic low back pain. Be sure to ask your treating chiropractor if a maintenance plan makes sense for you.

Exercise, Diet (lifestyle modification), Supplements

Be sure to ask if there are any supplements, additional exercises or lifestyle modifications that would help your condition or you as a complete, healthy person like stop smoking or help to find healthy alternatives to soda.  Chiropractors have many hours of nutritional training in a graduate setting and additional training from the State of Wisconsin in order to be able to give advice on supplements.

Commonly prescribed exercises will be demonstrated on video links from this site featuring many body types to show proper form performing those exercises. (Videos will soon be offered - stay tuned)


Sorry no indoctrination video. We will leave those kind of videos to youtube.