My Wellness Fasting For 114 hours 2-05-2019 ( Day5 )

Happy Tuesday! 3:47 am: Wake up early! Potentially icy this morning so i’m leaving early for the gym. Thirsty. Drink Water. (slam about 16 oz.) Brief Hunger. (30 sec) 4:00- 4:30 am:  Made coffee, stretch, etc. Minimal joint pain, foot numbness. Extreme mental clarity that started last evening continues. I bet that means I’m finally […]

My Wellness Fasting Over 94 hours 2-04-2019

Happy Monday! 4:03 am:  Wake up! Thirsty again! I slammed two cups (roughly 16 oz) of water. Joint pain is slight. Legs feel kinda sore. I don’t workout on Monday until the afternoon because I find my legs/lower body workouts are better later in the day because I’m more flexible/stretched out by then, but I […]

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