My Wellness Fasting Over 94 hours 2-04-2019

Happy Monday!

4:03 am:  Wake up! Thirsty again! I slammed two cups (roughly 16 oz) of water. Joint pain is slight. Legs feel kinda sore. I don’t workout on Monday until the afternoon because I find my legs/lower body workouts are better later in the day because I’m more flexible/stretched out by then, but I still maintain my sleep patterns. Stretch. Read. Went back to bed.

6:15 am: Up for good. I feel great! Well rested (I went to bed at 10:30). More energy than on any other day of the fast! Not only am I not hungry, I’m completely disinterested in food. Made coffee. Took morning supplements (see previous blog post). No BIOCHARGE this morning; I’m going to wait and see if hunger appears without it.

7:15 am: Paperwork and check calls/texts from patients. First Patient at 8:30. Today’s posts will be more succinct than previous due to a busy work schedule, but I hope to update throughout the day.

Things I’ve forgotten to post:

Tough topic that I’ve purposely avoided,  but a patient asked when I told her I have been fasting since last Thursday night: Bowel movements. Do you still get them as you fast? The simple answer: YES but a lot less frequently! My normal bowel habits are about 2 or 3 a day (I eat a lot); since water fasting its only one BM every 2 days without diarrhea. Probably less to none at all if I were going to continue the fast beyond 5 day (I am not). Here is this man’s experience on day 21 of a 30 day water fast:

9:00 am: Still seeing patients. High energy. Not even a hint of hunger this morning. Easiest day so far.

11:50 am: Time for Lunch. NOT! Time for a long walk and maybe hot tub. No loss of energy. No hunger. No joint pain. Finally took a BIOCHARGE.

2:00 pm:  I decided to walk on a treadmill and then do a light leg workout: barbell squats and deadlifts peaking at 225lbs for a set of 10 and 315 for a set of 10, respectively. Light headed after each set but not dizzy. Lots of energy. Again no hint of hunger at all today.

Signs that it’s time to STOP FASTING:

  • Constant Severe Headache
  • Sore or painful chest or abdomen
  • Nausea/Vomitting/Severe diarrhea
  • Fainting/Extreme dizziness
  • Can’t focus at all mentally or physically (eyesight)
  • Severe Hunger returns.

I don’t have any of these symptoms but I plan on finishing my fast at noon tomorrow and then I can transition to an Intermittent Fast ( ) where there is 16 hours or more between my last meal of the day and the following day.

2:55 pm:  Some fatigue setting in, but not bad. This is roughly the time of day when I napped over the weekend.

5:23 pm: Still a little tired. Not bad, but I’m glad I worked out earlier. I finish with patients around 6:30 pm.

6:46 pm: Went home for dinner with my family and I had a beef boullion cube (no calories) diluted in 10 oz of hot water while they ate. It was fantastic. Lots of mental clarity from this point forward for the rest of the night. Like some kind of haze was removed. Difficult to explain. Tons of energy.

7:44 pm: Left for the sportscore for 20 minutes of modest cardio (treadmill) and 15-2o minutes of stretching and about 15-20 minutes in the steam room (drank a ton of water in the steam room). Final weight for the day:          220.4 lbs. A total of 16 lbs lost so far. Final weight tomorrow morning.

Summary of Day 4 Water Fasting:

Much easier than days 1-3. Almost no hunger. Joint pain greatly reduced. Feet numbness reduced to negligible. On and off fogginess and fatigue, both short lived. “Mental Clarity” started towards the end of the day. Plan is to eat a Keto type diet starting around noon tomorrow and continuing for the next couple weeks and see how that goes. Here is a brief explaination of the Keto diet from Dr. Oz:

10:00 pm:  Time for bed. I get up early tomorrow to lift weights (4:00 am ish).

Good Night!

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