My Wellness Fasting over 40 hours: 02-02-2019

Good Afternoon!!

Here is a brief timeline of the day so far:

650 am:  Slept in late! I feel great. Absolutely no hunger.

700 am: Made coffee. Didn’t drink any because my previous experience with fasting taught me that you associate food with coffee. Bad Idea. Spied a dozen Harvest Cinnamin Rolls on counter. Note to self: stay out of kitchen.

745 am: Morning Stretches. Some hunger. Leave the house

830 am: carwash, errands. Very little hunger.

9:00 am: Jenny is making an egg bake with onions, peppers, ham, etc. Smell is amazing. Leave home immediately.

9:10: am: Paperwork at office. No hunger. Consider blogging fasting experience. Drink water.

10:oo am: Saw a low back pain patient.

10:30 am: Saw another low back patient. Typical after a snow storm. Drink water.

11:00 am: Paperwork, the bane of my existence.

11:30 am: Start blogging to avoid Paperwork. Slight headache. Slight hunger. Drink water.

12:45 pm: Drank a biocharge  (8 0z water) supplement to chew my fat. Had a nice buzz standing up too quickly.

1:20 pm: Took a three mile brisk walk with Jenny and our cute one year old blue tick hound mix, Luna. Walk completed in just 43 minutes. Lots of energy during the walk. Jenny even commented that I was walking faster than usual. Drink water.

2:20 pm. Unusually tired from the walk. Can hardly stay awake. Buzz feeling in my head returned with a vengence. Slight headache, but I won’t take anything for it, just  more water. Joints feel exceptionally good. Feet numbness is minimal.

3:00 pm: Nappy Time. No hunger. Drink water. Extremely tired. Slightly chilled.

4:05 pm. Jenny wakes me up to go see GLASS, a sequel of sorts to both UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT. No hunger, but I’m unusually groggy. Hard to think clearly. Buzzy feeling is quickly fading back into the background. Drink water and black coffee.

7:15 pm.: Drove back from watching GLASS. Splendid performances and a very good stand alone film that would make more sense if you saw the previous two, but not required. Takehome message of movie:  Human potential is limitless! Now that’s inspirational!!! Drink water. No hunger except when I handled the popcorn container at the end of the movie for my son.

7:35 pm.: Declined an offer for drinks and a movie at a friend’s house. One old-fashioned (drink) and I would be loaded!! Joint pain is unusually mild. Feet almost feel normal (no numbness!).

8:00 pm ish:  Kitchen is loaded with triggers:  lots of good food. I salivate just looking at fruit and veggies. When was the last time I salivated by looking at fruits and veggies?? Family ate while I got lost for a while. Only hungry in presence of food. Drink water with BIOCHARGE about 10 oz. The BIOCHARGE seems too sweet to me at the recommended 4 oz. dilution so I prefer it in the 8 to 10 oz amounts of water. It’s sweet so I hold my breath as I drink and swallow it to minimize the sweetness because I discovered that sweetness triggers hunger for me.

8:15 pm : Not really tired but I have a feeling that I will be in bed by 10:00 pm or earlier. No real hunger. Slightly chilled.

Summary of Day Two Fasting: Avoid triggers like being in or around the Kitchen, handling food, looking at food or even television with food. Drink lots of water and be sure to exercise and stay as active as possible as this will curb your body’s attempts to use muscle mass (protein) for food. Stay out of the house as much as possible and stay focused on anything other than food. LOL. My family thinks I’m crazy. Buzzy feeling comes and goes and worsens after lots of physical activity. Expect minor headaches that resolve as quickly as they come. My body is getting used to digesting fat for fuel instead of sugar. I think I’ve bottomed out for negative symptoms. I will soon find out!

8:37 pm. Good Night!!

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