My Wellness Fasting For 114 hours 2-05-2019 ( Day5 )

Happy Tuesday!

3:47 am: Wake up early! Potentially icy this morning so i’m leaving early for the gym. Thirsty. Drink Water. (slam about 16 oz.) Brief Hunger. (30 sec)

4:00- 4:30 am:  Made coffee, stretch, etc. Minimal joint pain, foot numbness. Extreme mental clarity that started last evening continues. I bet that means I’m finally used to Ketosis. Lots of energy! Almost manic.

4:31: on the way to the gym.

4:49:  way early for the gym. No icy roads. Listened to music in car (channel 40 on Sirius)

5:15: started working out upper body: chest biceps triceps, etc. High reps again (10-15) and higher weights than Sunday. The first heavier rep (245 lbs) my left elbow was stiff, but left shoulder was fine. Both are chronic injuries that were recently re-injured. The fast was supposed to put my growth hormone into overdrive and it seems to have worked as both injuries are minimal now.

7:13: Home from gym. Change for work. I teach at Anatomy and Physiology at the NEW school of Massage in Waldo, Wisconsin today from 8:30 to 11:30. I plan on eating around noon but it won’t be much and it will be Keto compliant.

Final Weigh in : 219.6 , so I lost 16.4 lbs. in 5 days.!!!!

8:30-11:30 am: Teach. Drink water and one Biocharge.

12:00 pm: EAT!!!:  I ate a small salad with mixed greens, green pepper and olives using a tablespoon of lemon juice as a dressing with salt. AMAZING!! Followed up with 1/2 of an organic avacado and a hard boiled egg. Stuffed!! All I could eat. Took an Advocare Probiotic. Drink water.

12:30-6:30 pm: Busy with patients. Grabbed a few handfulls of mixed nuts and cubes of cheddar cheese between patients. Drink lots of water.

6:45 pm: Ate dinner of mixed greens salad with cucumber, olives and mixed cheeses and a homemade balsalmic vinegrette. Small portion of homemade beef stew minus potatoes. Small amount of full fat cottage cheese and full fat plain yougurt. Advocare Probiotic. Very Full. Almond milk to drink.

9:30 Bedtime. Long day. Great energy today. Joints still feel great. Great Mental Focus/Clarity persists.

Summary of Day 5  Water Fasting:

Day five was the easiest day of the fast so far. Lots of energy. Mental clarity was great. Arthritis was mostly gone and injuries were healing. I could have continued fasting several more days or longer! I only used one Biocharge as I really wasn’t hungry.  I will probably continue to loose weight until my food intake increases; I just can’t eat much now. I drank less water on the last day; about 14-15 cups.

I will continue on a Keto diet for another month and do a summary blog in the next day or two.

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