My Wellness Fasting Experience Start date: 01-31-2019 6:00 PM

No Food For You May Be Good For You!

No Food For You May Be Good For You!

Good Morning!
Every major religion has advocated fasting for a healthy lifestyle at one point or another in its history. Modern science is now beginning to document the benefits of fasting. Here is a brief summary:

1.) Decrease Insulin Resistance– Insulin Resitance is THE CAUSE OF TYPE II DIABETES; consider that 2/3 of Americans have some flavor of obesity and are pre-diabetic in their metabolism (aka Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X)

2.) Decreases Inflammation, the cause of many disease states and arthritis

3.) Cardiovascular benefits.

4.) Boosts brain function.

5.) Improves Weight Loss

6.) Increases Growth Hormone for weight loss and muscle repair

7.) Delay aging increase Longevity. has a great scientist,David Sinclair, explains this in detail.

8.) Possible Cancer Prevention and Increased Effectiveness of Chemotherapy.

For more Details of the Health Benefits of Fasting look here:

I did a two and a half day (60 hour) fast in the Summer of 2014 in order to see if water fasting would decrease my inflammatory response to mosquito bites (I swell up like crazy leaving a red mark quadruple what most people get). The fast did reduce the bug bites to almost no reaction at all while I was fasting and for several weeks thereafter, but the reaction then returned.

Water fasting is just that: drinking only water based liquids (water, plain iced tea, plain coffee, plain hot tea) until you decide to break the fast, generally when hunger returns after the initial two or three days it takes your body to adapt to fat metabolism, often dubbed ketosis.

Why did I start this water fast? I primarily started because I weighed myself at the gym on Thursday and I weighed 236 pounds. The powerlifting weight class I lift in ends at 231.5 pounds and I would get slaughtered in the new weight class. Besides the weight lifting class problem, I also suffer from some arthritis in my hands, numb feet from a medication side effect over 10 years ago that also damaged my hearing and getting up to use the bathroom at night. I also know I feel better at a lighter weight and I don’t snore (my wife, Jennifer, likes it when I don’t snore).

Goal:  Water Fast until Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Possibly longer if I’m liking it.

So how does the water fast make you feel? Initially I didn’t feel hungry until about noon on Friday, February 1. The hunger was gone by 230 in the afternoon. I have been drinking a ton of water and that helps. I’m also taking Biocharge (4 of them today aboout 4 hrs. apart each) and Catalyst from Advocare (zero calories) to hopefully trick my body into chewing up my fat instead of my muscle. Also around 230 or 300pm I started getting a mild buzz from lack of food. No nausea, just like a pleasant hum in my head that you would expect from drinking a beer on an empty stomach. I was able to workout my lower body  by 530 pm with squats at a slightly decreased weight and deadlifts like normal, but a little light headed after doing both.  Weighed in after working out:  234.0 lbs.

No dinner. My wife did make mind-numbingly delicious Harvest cinnamin rolls dripping with vanilla cream cheese frosting and raisins and ate one in front of me while we watched Netflix, but I didn’t really notice their sweet heavenly aroma. Not at all. Briefly noted hunger as I went to sleep around 1030pm.


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