About Advanced Spine Care and Wellness

Mission Statement

Advanced Spine Care & Wellness is dedicated to treatments and life styles that:

  1. Provide relief from pain and other symptoms as quickly and comfortably as possible preferably without drugs and surgery.
  2. Teach each patient how to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and learn to manage their own symptoms and create a lifestyle that provides them with the best health possible.
  3. Limit and prevent as much as possible using the Medical Model of healthcare while recognizing that the Medical Model must sometimes be used exclusively for some conditions or as co-management for others.

Using these beliefs as a guide, Advanced Spine Care & Wellness will help you reach your health and lifestyle goals and give you the tools and information to manage your own healthcare and personal wellness. You will be enabled to make the best healthcare model that best serves your interests at any given time!
For more information on a comparison of the Holistic and Medical Models of Healthcare, click on those tabs.